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    “I often wonder about the do-gooder organizations like Lutheran Social Services that bring “refugees” from Somalia to live in the frozen north of the U.S.”There is nothing to wonder about. These organizations view the Bible in large part as a suicide pact. All these good intentions (and we all know where that road that leads to) done for some good old spiritual ego massaging.

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    I’m so happy you’re still regularly covering the Sixers in this space; I hope you continue to have enough time to do so. Just came across your blog and I’m happy I did! I’m curious to see whether the fans will still be all hyped up if they lose this month against Miami and Orlando yet go 8-1 the rest of the month.

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    Oddly enough, I find the entire discussion reminds me of why I stopped going to gun fora unless I'm looking for the answer to a specific technical question. Even then, I'll try every other means to get an answer first. Despite the efforts of the various moderators, the signal to noise ratio is just not good enough to warrant my time.

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    Hi Daniel, with your Mars related to Uranus/Pluto you are a strong example of the combination, indeed. Your Jupiter is rising before your Sun for the positive orientation. Maybe one day you use your drive to make changes in political activity, who knows? Thanks for your comment! PS You mention only one aspect with Uranus. There are more (minor aspects), such as Mercury sesquisquare Uranus and Jupiter semi sextile. This combination is for inventive ideas and interest in astrology, too:)

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    Rick Merkt has always been willing to stand apart from the other legislators. He is one person in Trenton who has consistently worked to solve problems, not to go along with the crowd. He is brave enough to walk out on a Corzine speech, and also has fought against COAH. I think he is the best candidate for governor. Lonegan and Levine only have local governing experience. Christie may have a large reputation (no pun intended), but he was a very lackluster freeholder.

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    OMG, artnavy, this post brought back mouth-watering memories! My favorite chaat haunt was Canopy at Alwarpet jn., right by the Anjaneyar temple there – mainly 'coz it was walking distance from our house and near the bus stop where I got off every evening… not sure if it is still there… and the one in Luz corner – forget the name – was inside the little complex by Gani I think… Thanks for the award, artnavy!

  34. says:

    I used to find going before 11am ok but even now at 9am on a Saturday it's rammed. Also I've never understood the amount of Spanish and Italian tourists taking pictures of the fruit and veg – you'd think the markets they have back home are far better. I've also things about Maltby Street – Jose Pizarro often mentions it on Twitter – but haven't made it along yet.

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    That must feel nice. The big link in the chain falling into place. So glad for you. Green with envy jealous! I can’t wait to be alone again in my own casa! Even if it takes 20 years… Also check into houses that might be falling into repo by the bank in that area. Chi has the website or will know where to look.

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